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INS offers affordable solutions that allows your company to present a presence on the Internet without draining your budget.  We offer an Internet Presence Package that includes your own domain name, web site, FTP site, e-mail, and list service.  Or you may select to maintain your own Dedicated Server at INS headquarters if you require additional features. 
Internet Presence Package


INS provides an Internet Presence Package which allows organizations to present a robust presence on the Internet while reducing administrative hassles and costs. This package is ideal for educational institutions and small businesses desiring an Internet presence but are not ready to make a substantial investment in Internet hardware & software technologies. This package allows organizations to make use of commonly utilized Internet features that are provided through INS's direct, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity.


The Internet Presence Package Includes:
  • Domain Name Registration - Provides for registering your organization's "self-selected" name with the InterNIC, the Internet Registration Services. For instance, Integrated Network Strategies' self-selected domain name is
  • Storage Space - Up to 50megabytes of disk storage for your organization. QuickTime movies, AVI files, .WAV & .AU sounds, HTML pages, images, and more can easily fit into this generous amount of space.
  • Web Site - Allows your organization to have it's own World Wide Web site via the use of an INS Internet Server while avoiding the costly, labor-intensive network administration challenges associated with maintaining your own active server.
  • FTP Site - Lets your organization transfer files to and from your site.
  • Auto Responder - Provides an automatic response to received e-mail. For example, users sending mail to "" would automatically be sent back a pre-written email.
  • E-mail - Five (5) e-mail addresses are provided. These addresses can be forwarded to any e-mail address on the Internet.
  • Mail List Service - Like mailing out a newsletter, this provides for automatic distribution of discussion e-mails. This feature is also referred to as "Majordomo" and/or "ListServ".
Dedicated Internet Server


INS provides organizations with a dedicated server, hosted at INS headquarters and connected directly into our high speed Ethernet backbone.

Your organization gets use of a full Internet server with direct, high bandwidth connectivity, while avoiding the costly, labor intensive network administration challenges associated with maintaining your own server on the Internet.

Data Security with this solution: your organization's publicly accessed information is located offsite at the INS headquarters, decreasing security risks and reducing the load placed on your Internet system circuits. The advantages offered by our state-of-the-art Internet environment include system redundancy, virus protection methods, daily data backups, and offsite data storage and are all provided as part of your connection with the INS Internet Server.

Multiple Internet Functions can be performed on the INS Internet Server. The servers can easily be configured as an organization's World Wide Web server, an anonymous FTP server, or to handle automated electronic mailing list functions. Other features include user accounts, mailboxes, and custom Internet applications.

Speed and reliability - Our Internet Servers are configured for optimum performance to ensure that access and operations are reliable. Only dedicated servers (one per customer) guarantee reliability and high speed performance: servers that are connected to the Internet via a fiber optic line and reside on a local 100Mpbs Ethernet are among the fastest and most cost-effective connectivity methods used on the Internet. This prevents bandwidth bottlenecks, and access to your information is not hampered by server performance.


The core features of all INS' Dedicated Internet Servers include:

  • 24x7 Internet access.
  • Daily data backups.
  • Initial HTTP server setup (excludes page design).
  • Anonymous FTP server configuration.
  • DNS management.
  • Choice of Operating Systems (Windows 2000, Windows NT, BSDI Unix, SCO Unix).

Optional Features

Optional Features which can be integrated into your server configuration include:

  • Direct dial-in access.
  • Additional domain.
  • Additional Internet access account.
  • Stronghold Secure Commerce server.
  • Installation & Configuration of mSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, or other database servers.

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